de Sitter Entanglement and Conformal Description of the Cosmological Horizon

Título traducido de la tesis: Entrelazamiento en de Sitter y descripción conforme del horizonte cosmologico

    Tesis doctoral: Tesis de máster


    n this thesis, we aim to understand the microscopic details and origin of the Cosmological Horizon, produced by a static observer in four-dimensional de Sitter (dS_4) spacetime. We consider a deformed extension of dS spacetime by means of a single Z_q quotient, which resembles an Orbifold geometry. The Orbifold parameter induces a pair of codimension two minimal surfaces given by 2-spheres in the Euclidean geometry. Using dimensional reduction on the two-dimensional plane where the minimal surfaces have support, we use the Liouville field theory and the Kerr/CFT mechanism in order to describe the underlying degrees of freedom of the Cosmological Horizon. We then show, that in the large qq-limit, this pair of codimensions two surfaces can be realized as the conformal boundaries of dS_3. We notice that the central charge obtained using Liouville theory, in the latter limit, corresponds to the Strominger central charge obtained in the context of the dS/CFT correspondence. In addition, a formulation of entanglement entropy for de Sitter spacetimes is given in terms of dS holography and also a different approach in which the entanglement between two disconnected bulk observers is described in terms of the topology of the spacetime. Therefore, a quarter of the area formula is proposed, in which the area corresponds to the are of the set of fixed points of an S^2/Z_q orbifold.
    Fecha de lectura2020
    Idioma originalInglés

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