Trends in the knowledge area of organizations in Industry 5.0: perspectives and theoretical references

Reynier Israel Ramírez Molina, Ricardo Romario Antequera Amaris, Nelson David Lay Raby, Pedro Severino-González

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The field of organizational studies has undergone significant transformations in the 21st century, initially focused on business structure and management to maximize effectiveness and performance. Currently there is talk of Industry 5.0, which seeks to integrate technologies such as the collective network of connected devices, cognitive computing, nanotechnology, robotization, artificial intelligence and digitization of human processes. This research seeks to analyze the trends in knowledge of organizations, through a post-positivist approach based on empirical observation and experimentation to assess the study variable, select contemporary scientific literature, and review legal foundations, using databases of high impact and scientific rigor. The results are oriented by the strategic management of knowledge and intellectual assets, innovation and creativity, technology, and information. It is concluded that these are influenced by the requirements of the environment with a sustainable and sustainable approach, it is imperative to adapt to these trends to maintain a holistic perspective to ensure the permanence in time of organizations in the face of dynamic market changes.
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PublicaciónProcedia Computer Science
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2024


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