The long bar as seen by the VVV Survey: II. Star counts

E. B. Amôres, M. López-Corredoira, C. González-Fernández, A. Moitinho, D. Minniti, S. Gurovich

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Context. There is still some debate about the presence and the morphological properties of the long bar in the inner Galaxy. Aims. We investigate the morphological properties of the long Galactic bar using the VVV survey extending star counts at least 3 mag deeper than 2MASS. Our study covers the relatively unexplored negative longitudes of the Galactic bar. We obtain a detailed description of the spatial distribution of star counts towards the long Galactic bar as well as to measure its parameters. Methods. We performed star counts towards.20° < l < 0, |b| ≤ 2° using VVV, 2MASS, and GLIMPSE data. We applied an average interstellar extinction correction. We also adjusted latitudinal profiles to obtain the centroid variation and bar thickness. Results. We probe the structure of long Galactic bar, as well as its far edge at l ≈ 14°. The differences between counts with and without extinction correction allow us to produce a crude extinction map showing regions with high extinction, mainly beyond the end of long Galactic bar. The latitudinal profiles show evidence of the centroid vertical variation with Galactic longitude reaching a minimum at l ≈ 13.8°. The bar has an inclination angle α = 43° ± 5° with respect to the line Sun-Galactic center. In addition, we have determined the bar parameters, such as thickness, length, and stellar distribution.

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EstadoPublicada - 2013

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