The challenge of identifying INTEGRAL sources on the Galactic plane

Raffaella Landi, Loredana Bassani, Gabriele Bruni, Manuela Molina, Nicola Masetti, Angela Malizia, Mariateresa Fiocchi, Angela Bazzano, Pietro Ubertini

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(INTEGRAL) has been surveying the sky above 20 keV since its launch in 2002 providing new insights into the nature of the sources that populate our Universe at soft γ-ray energies. The latest IBIS/ISGRI survey lists 929 hard X-ray sources, of which 113 are reported as unidentified, i.e. lacking a lower energy counterpart or simply not studied in other wavebands. To overcome this lack of information, we either browsed the X-ray archives, or, if no data in the X-ray band were available, we requested Target of Opportunity (ToO) observations with the X-ray Telescope (XRT) on-board the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. Following this approach, we selected a sample of 10 objects for which X-ray data were key to investigate their nature. We found a single X-ray association for all of the sources, except for IGR J16267−3303, for which two X-ray detections were spotted within the IBIS positional uncertainty. We then browsed multi-waveband archives to search for counterparts to these X-ray detections at other wavelengths and analysed X-ray spectral properties to determine their nature and association with the high-energy emitter. As a result of our analysis, we identified the most likely counterpart for 7 sources, although in some cases its nature/class could not be definitely assessed on the basis of the information collected. Interestingly, SWIFT J2221.6+5952, first reported in the 105-month Swift/Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) survey, is the only source of the sample for which we did not find any counterpart at radio/optical/IR wavebands. Finally, we found that two IBIS source, IGR J17449−3037 and IGR J17596−2315 are positionally associated with a Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) object.

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PublicaciónJournal of High Energy Astrophysics
EstadoPublicada - mar. 2024

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