Temporal variability of incidental solar radiation and modulating factors in a coastal upwelling area (36°S)

Klaudia Hernández, Beatriz Yannicelli, Aldo Montecinos, Marcel Ramos, Humberto E. González, Giovanni Daneri

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In this study, we quantify the annual and synoptic variability of solar radiation (PAR and UVR) for southern-central Chile at ~36.5°S from 2003 to 2004 and we relate these fluctuations to total ozone concentration, cloudiness, and winds. Data considered approximately 2. years of daily visible PAR (400-700. nm), UVA (400-320. nm), and UVB (280-320. nm). Satellite ozone data were also compared with a 305/340 ratio. On an annual scale, the visible and UV radiation co-varied in phase, with maxima in spring-summer and lower values in autumn-winter. Winds and cloudiness also showed an annual cycle, with predominantly southerly winds and lower cloudiness in summer. On a synoptic scale, solar radiation was coupled with cloudiness and winds, a relationship that is also evidenced over large scale atmospheric circulation. A 3-month lag was observed between solar radiation and ozone annual cycles; the latter peaked in springtime. The 305/340 ratio was a good ozone index over short time scales, showing fluctuations at the same frequencies as ozone and good cross-correlations once the annual cycle was extracted. The spatial-temporal analysis supports the possibility that the local pattern observed might be common for other important upwelling sites affected by the same type of atmospheric variability. Finally, this study showed that solar radiation wavelengths fluctuating at similar frequencies as those of upwelling favorable winds, are likely to be modulating biological processes in the coastal upwelling area off Concepción over short time scales.

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PublicaciónProgress in Oceanography
EstadoPublicada - ene 2012

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