RGE effects on the LFV scale from meson decays

Marcela González, Sergey Kovalenko, Nicolás A. Neill, Jonatan Vignatti

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We consider the lepton-flavor violating (LFV) lepton-quark dimension-6 operators and analyze their contributions to the LFV leptonic decays of vector, pseudoscalar, and scalar neutral mesons M→ ℓ12 as well as to μ(τ) → ℓee, ℓγγ decays. These operators contribute to the purely leptonic processes via quark loop. On the basis of quark-hadron duality, we relate these loops to the appropriate meson-exchange contributions. In this way, we extract lower bounds on the individual scales of the studied LFV operators from the experimental and phenomenological limits on the leptonic decays of mesons and leptons. As a byproduct, we shall obtain new limits on the LFV leptonic decays of flavored mesons from the experimental bounds on the three-body lepton decays. We study the effects of QED and QCD radiative corrections to the LFV lepton-quark operators in question. We derive for them the one-loop matrix of the RGE evolution and examine its effect on the previously derived tree-level limits on these operators. We show that the QED corrections are particularly relevant due to operator mixing. Specifically, for some of them the limits on their individual LFV scales improve by up to 3 orders of magnitude.

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PublicaciónEuropean Physical Journal C
EstadoPublicada - abr. 2022

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