Real forms of complex higher spin field equations and new exact solutions

Carlo Iazeolla, Ergin Sezgin, Per Sundell

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We formulate four-dimensional higher spin gauge theories in spacetimes with signature (4 - p, p) and non-vanishing cosmological constant. Among them are chiral models in Euclidean (4, 0) and Kleinian (2, 2) signature involving half-flat gauge fields. Apart from the maximally symmetric solutions, including de Sitter spacetime, we find: (a) SO (4 - p, p) invariant deformations, depending on one continuous and infinitely many discrete parameters, including a degenerate metric of rank one; (b) non-maximally symmetric solutions with vanishing Weyl tensors and higher spin gauge fields, that differ from the maximally symmetric solutions in the auxiliary field sector; and (c) solutions of the chiral models furnishing higher spin generalizations of type D gravitational instantons, with an infinite tower of Weyl tensors proportional to totally symmetric products of two principal spinors. These are apparently the first exact 4D solutions with non-vanishing massless higher spin fields.

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EstadoPublicada - 3 nov 2008

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