Prácticas inclusivas en el sistema de salud chileno: Percepciones de docentes y estudiantes de ciencias de la salud

Olga Matus-Betancourt, Javiera Ortega-Bastidas, Cristhian Pérez-Villalobos, Camila Espinoza-Parcet, Mary Jane Schilling-Norman, Peter McColl-Calvo, Nancy Navarro-Hernánez, Verónica Silva-Orrego, Juan Arellano-Vega

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With increasing access to higher education in Chile, the university population is becoming more diverse. Institutions face the challenge of adapting to such diverse contexts to ensure that their students successfully complete their studies. This is relevant in the training of health professionals, since their graduates and teachers must be able to accept diversity in their direct contact with people they must serve. This study aims to analyze the perception of inclusive practices in the care of patients who access the health system, from the viewpoint of teachers and students of health sciences careers in Chilean universities. Three universities from different regions of the country participated. We used the Grounded Theory approach, with the information collection technique being the semi-structured interview and the group interview. The data analysis was carried out using the constant comparison method up to the level of axial coding. The results indicate that the perception of inclusion in academic experiences of teachers and students of health careers derives from belonging to minorities and social conceptions, being affected by the legislation in diversity, valuation of students and institutions, expectations of the teaching role and legislation about patient care. In view of this, action strategies are institutional, teacher and student responses to diversity, whose consequences are inhibition of social participation and differences in student learning opportunities.

Título traducido de la contribuciónInclusive practices in the chilean health system: Perceptions of health sciences teachers and students
Idioma originalEspañol
Páginas (desde-hasta)286-292
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EstadoPublicada - jun. 2020

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