Polyamines: Stress Metabolite in Marine Macrophytes

M. Kumar, U. Kuzhiumparambil, P. J. Ralph, L. Contreras-Porcia

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Marine macrophytes including seaweeds and sea grasses are the ecosystem engineers and experience constant threats from a wide range of anthropogenic stressors and climate fluctuations in their ecological niche. Marine macrophytes acclimate and/or tolerate these external perturbations by reprogramming their metabolite networks. Among the various metabolites that contribute to alleviate the stress, polyamines (PAs) are the nitrogenous metabolites that play a key role in plant growth, development, and biotic/abiotic stress protection in land plants. Their mode of action, signaling, and cross talk with diverse metabolic networks have been well studied in land plants; however, their functionality in marine macrophytes has merely scratched the window. In this brief chapter we attempt to summarize PA research in marine macrophytes in response to abiotic stress conditions. We emphasize to undertake futuristic efforts to explore PA involvement in stress response and to identify novel stress tolerance mechanism in marine macrophytes.

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