Occurrence and behavior of natural and anthropogenic (emerging and historical) halogenated compounds in marine biota from the Coast of Concepcion (Chile)

Enrique Barón, Ignacio Rudolph, Gustavo Chiang, Ricardo Barra, Ethel Eljarrat, Damià Barceló

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Fifty-five biota samples from the Coast of Concepcion (Chile) were analyzed for PBDEs, emerging brominated FRs, halogenated norbornenes and naturally-occurring MeO-PBDEs. PBDEs, MeO-PBDEs and halogenated norbornenes were detected at concentration levels ranging from 11 to 170, nd to 118 and nd to 5.8. ng/g. lw, respectively. However, emerging brominated FRs such as decabromodiphenylethane (DBDPE), hexabromobenzene (HBB) and pentabromoethylbenzene (PBEB) were not detected in any sample.Bioaccumulation and bioconcentration processes were evaluated for the different families of compounds. Biomagnification factors (BMFs) were calculated, and some PBDE congeners (BDE-28, BDE-183 and BDE-209) as well as MeO-PBDEs presented BMF. >. 1, being values of the naturally occurring MeO-PBDEs higher than those obtained for PBDEs. As regards halogenated norbornenes, BMF. <. 1 were found.

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