Molecular and morphologically distinct Scytosiphon species (Scytosiphonales, Phaeophyceae) display similar antioxidant capacities

Loretto Contreras, Geraldine Dennett, Alejandra Moenne, R. Eduardo Palma, Juan A. Correa

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The taxonomic status of an alga with complanate thalli, occurring in central Chile and belonging to the genus Scytosiphon, was elucidated. Morphological and molecular features demonstrated that, in addition to the known and widespread constricted S. lomentaria (Lyngb.) Link that occurs along the Chilean coast, there is a Scytosiphon with complanate thalli that occurs only in central Chile - S. gracilis Kogame. Morphological analyses of this previously unreported complanate Scytosiphon showed thalli without constrictions, coherent plurilocular sporangia without ascocysts, and phaeophycean hairs arising from cortical cells. Furthermore, sequences of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS1 and ITS2) regions of the complanate Scytosiphon were 99.8% and 100% identical to those detected in S. gracilis from Korea. ITS-based comparative analyses showed that complanate Scytosiphon grouped in a different clade than S. lomentaria and S. tenellus Kogame from various parts of the world, including Chilean species. Moreover, molecular analyses suggest the occurrence of two distinct ITS types of S. lomentaria in northern Chile, corresponding to the Korean and Greek types. On the other hand, biochemical analyses of copper-induced antioxidant responses in S. gracilis and S. lomentaria showed an identical increase in antioxidant enzyme activities. These results suggest that copper tolerance might be a constitutive trait in these species of Scytosiphon.

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PublicaciónJournal of Phycology
EstadoPublicada - dic 2007

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