Matter coupled AdS3 supergravities and their black strings

N. S. Deger, A. Kaya, E. Sezgin, P. Sundell

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We couple n copies of N = (2,0) scalar multiplets to a gauged N= (2,0) supergravity in 2 + 1 dimensions which admits AdS3 as a vacuum. The scalar fields are charged under the gauged R-symmetry group U(1) and parametrize certain Kähler manifolds with compact or non-compact isometries. The radii of these manifolds are quantized in the compact case, but arbitrary otherwise. In the compact case, we find half-supersymmetry preserving and asymptotically Minkowskian black string solutions. For a particular value of the scalar manifold radius, the solution coincides with that of Horne and Horowitz found in the context of a string theory in 2 + 1 dimensions. In the non-compact case, we find half-supersymmetry preserving and asymptotically AdS3 string solutions which have naked singularities. We also obtain two distinct AdS3 supergravities coupled to n copies of N = (1,0) scalar multiplets either by the truncation of the (2,0) model or by a direct construction.

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EstadoPublicada - 1 may 2000

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