Holography in 4D (super) higher spin theories and a test via cubic scalar couplings

Ergin Sezgin, Pear Sundell

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The correspondences proposed previously between higher spin gauge theories and free singleton field theories were recently extended into a more complete picture by Klebanov and Polyakov in the case of the minimal bosonic theory in D ≤ 4 to include the strongly coupled fixed point of the 3d O(N) vector model. Here we propose an N ≤ 1 supersymmetric version of this picture. We also elaborate on the role of parity in constraining the bulk interactions, and in distinguishing two minimal bosonic models obtained as two different consistent truncations of the minimal N ≤ 1 model that retain the scalar or the pseudo-scalar field. We refer to these models as the type-A and type-B models, respectively, and conjecture that the latter is holographically dual to the 3d Gross-Neveu model. In the case of the type-A model, we show the vanishing of the three-scalar amplitude with regular boundary conditions. This agrees with the O(N) vector model computation of Petkou, thereby providing a non-trivial test of the Klebanov-Polyakov conjecture.

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PublicaciónJournal of High Energy Physics
EstadoPublicada - 1 jul 2005

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