Functional analysis of the subunits of the chromatin assembly factor RSF

Alejandra Loyola, Jing Yi Huang, Gary LeRoy, Sherrie Hu, Yuh Hwa Wang, Robert J. Donnelly, William S. Lane, Sheng Chung Lee, Danny Reinberg

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The human ISWI-containing factor RSF (for remodeling and spacing factor) is composed of two subunits: the ATPase hSNF2H and p325 (Rsf-1), a protein encoded by a novel human gene. We previously showed that RSF mediates nucleosome deposition and generates regularly spaced nucleosome arrays. Here we report the characterization of the largest subunit of RSF, Rsf-1. We found that Rsf-1 is a highly acidic protein containing a plant homology domain. The present study includes the cloning of Rsf-1, the preparation of recombinant RSF, and the dissection of the role of each subunit in the chromatin assembly reaction. The sequence of the gene for Rsf-1 includes a recently characterized cDNA, HBXAP; postulated to be involved in the transcriptional regulation of the hepatitis B virus. HBXAP actually contains a 252-amino-acid truncation of the amino terminus of Rsf-1. Finally, comparison of HBXAP and Rsf-1 properties shows that they are functionally different.

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PublicaciónMolecular and Cellular Biology
EstadoPublicada - oct 2003

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