Enhancing Single-Phase Grid Integration Capability of PMSG-Based Wind Turbines to Support Grid Operation under Adverse Conditions

Syed Wajahat Ali, Chun Lien Su, Anant Kumar Verma, Claudio Burgos Mellado, Catalina Gonzalez-Castano

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The proposed work delivers a robust control solution for a single-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator-based wind power conversion system (PMSG-WPCS) to enhance grid integration capability. The proposed control approach also offers an extended facility to fulfill low-voltage fault ride-through (LVRT) requirements under adverse grid conditions. Unlike the conventional observer-based PLL (O-PLL) approach, the proposed improved Lyapunov theory-based prefilter (ILP) is helpful in yielding a quadrature signal to solve the single-phase grid synchronization problem. Moreover, the proposed prefilter can leverage delayed signal operation, which improves the harmonic and the DC-offset component rejection abilities while eliminating the need for internal feedback-based submodule blocks for the case of an O-PLL. Consequently, the proposed ILP-PLL exhibits better dynamic behavior to rapidly synchronize a grid-tied power converter and can accurately track the fundamental amplitude information that is required for inverter control to meet the fault ride-through requirements. In addition, the suggested LVRT controller ensures smooth transition between the unity and non-unity power factor modes for superior converter control over reactive current injection into the grid to recover the grid from faults while maintaining a lower amount of total harmonic current distortions. The dynamic performance of the proposed control scheme is experimentally validated in view of the existing O-PLL approach for lower-rating wind-turbine-based PMSG-WPCS.

Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo10662
PublicaciónSustainability (Switzerland)
EstadoPublicada - jul. 2023

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