Effects of long-term low-dose mifepristone on reproductive function in women

H. B. Croxatto, L. Kovács, R. Massai, B. A. Resch, B. Fuentealba, A. M. Salvatierra, H. D. Croxatto, S. Zalányi, S. Viski, L. Krenács

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Low-dose antiprogestin administration has been proposed as a new contraceptive modality to interference with endometrial receptivity without disturbing ovarian function. The effects of 1 mg/day mifepristone for 150 days on the menstrual cycle were assessed in 21 surgically sterilized women. The aim was to study each woman for one control cycle and during months 1, 3 and 5 of treatment. Ovulation, endometrial thickness, serum oestradiol and progesterone, urinary luteinizing hormone, endometrial morphology and cervical mucus were assessed. Luteal phase progesterone concentrations were observed in 36 of the 60 treated months assessed and less frequently as treatment progressed. The bleeding pattern was regular in most biphasic cycles, while prolonged interbleeding intervals or no bleeding were associated with monophasic cycles. Altered endometrial morphology was found in all cases irrespective of the occurrence of luteal activity. Increased endometrial thickness and dilated glands were observed in 25 and 34% respectively of the monophasic cycles. Mifepristone, 1 mg/day, interferes with endometrial development while allowing the occurrence of biphasic ovarian cycles and regular bleeding. However, it also prevents ovarian cyclicity in a high proportion of treated months, and this is associated with increased endometrial growth in some women, which may be of concern.

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EstadoPublicada - 1998

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