Deformation independent open brane metrics and generalized theta parameters

David S. Berman, Martin Cederwall, Ulf Gran, Henric Larsson, Mikkel Nielsen, Bengt E W Nilsson, Per Sundell

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We investigate the consequences of generalizing certain well established properties of the open string metric to the conjectured open membrane and open Dp-brane metrics. By imposing deformation independence on these metrics their functional dependence on the background fields can be determined including the notorious conformal factor. In analogy with the non-commutativity parameter Θ μνin the string case, we also obtain "generalized" theta parameters which are rank (q +1) antisymmetric tensors (polyvectors) for open Dg-branes and rank 3 for the open membrane case. The expressions we obtain for the open membrane quantities are expected to be valid for general background field configurations, while the open D-brane quantities are only valid for one parameter deformations. By reducing the open membrane data to five dimensions, we show that they, modulo a subtlety with implications for the relation between OM-theory and NCYM, correctly generate the open string and open D2-data.

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PublicaciónJournal of High Energy Physics
EstadoPublicada - 1 feb 2002

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    Berman, D. S., Cederwall, M., Gran, U., Larsson, H., Nielsen, M., Nilsson, B. E. W., & Sundell, P. (2002). Deformation independent open brane metrics and generalized theta parameters. Journal of High Energy Physics, 6(2), 253-274.