Creencias y prácticas sobre la perspectiva de género en el profesorado de Pedagogía en Educación Física en Chile

Carlos Matus-Castillo, Pedrona Serra, Susanna Soler, Anna Vilanova, Carol Flores-Rivera, Jorge Knijnik, Pablo Luna-Villouta

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Physical Education has been characterized by the reproduction of gender stereotypes and situations of inequality and discrimination. Likewise, teacher training is historically a masculinized area. By considering this context, this research had the following objectives: to analyze the beliefs and pedagogical practices on the gender perspective used by PETE lecturers; and to identify pedagogical practices with a gender perspective that could be used by PETE lecturers for the training of teachers in this career. The study was qualitative, using discourse analysis to process information from six focus groups with the participation of teacher educators from six Chilean public and private universities. The results have shown two predominant discursive positions among the teaching staff, the first of which was characterized by a greater sensitivity, awareness and openness to gender issues, both at the conceptual level and in pedagogical practices, and on the contrary, discourses were also identified that showed resistance and rejection of gender issues, both at the conceptual and methodological levels. The recommendations put forward by the participants to incorporate the gender perspective in this career focused on the design of the lesson plans and the contents of the subjects.

Título traducido de la contribuciónGender in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) in Chile: Teacher educators’ beliefs and practices
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EstadoPublicada - 2023

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  • beliefs
  • gender perspective
  • pedagogy
  • PETE
  • teacher training
  • teaching strategies
  • university lecturers

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