Bolsa Familia y la asistencia social en Brasil: De la lucha política a la mercantilización local

Isabel P.H. Georges, Marco Ceballos

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The goal of this article is both theoretical and methodological: to contribute for a reflection in sociology regarding the use of social policies by showing that the study of a particular “policy”, like Bolsa Família, requires a multiscaled investigation model which allows the capture of the many conflicts crossing its concretization from its creation until its spreading over the country. This way, as an exercise, the trajectory of the implementation of Bolsa Família is questioned, in two different moments, as to its political technology “over” and “under”: as a governmental device (Foucault, 1976), emblematic during Lula’s government, and as a device for the management of territory and population through externalization or assistance outsourcing. In boththese moments, the social acquires value as political merchandise in different levels. We will show how the unfolding of social assistance policies happens in them: in the scope State and public, and in the scope of private, non-governmental territory and action. As to its concretization, we will show, from a case study done in São Paulo, the importance of following the rhythm of political production. Thus, we will highlight some of the central elements of what could be called the “PSDB” model, active in this city, as shown at the end of the article.

Título traducido de la contribuciónBolsa Familia and social welfare in Brazil: From political debate to local mercantilization
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EstadoPublicada - 2014

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  • Assistance outsourcing
  • Bolsa familia
  • Welfare policies

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