The Sloan Digital Sky Survey data release 7 spectroscopic M DWARF catalog. I. data

Andrew A. West, Dylan P. Morgan, John J. Bochanski, Jan Marie Andersen, Keaton J. Bell, Adam F. Kowalski, James R.A. Davenport, Suzanne L. Hawley, Sarah J. Schmidt, David Bernat, Eric J. Hilton, Philip Muirhead, Kevin R. Covey, Brbara Rojas-Ayala, Everett Schlawin, Mary Gooding, Kyle Schluns, Saurav Dhital, J. Sebastian Pineda, David O. Jones

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We present a spectroscopic catalog of 70,841 visually inspected M dwarfs from the seventh data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. For each spectrum, we provide measurements of the spectral type, a number of molecular band heads, and the Hα, Hβ, Hγ, Hδ, and Ca II K emission lines. In addition, we calculate the metallicity-sensitive parameter ζ and identify a relationship between ζ and the g - r and r - z colors of M dwarfs. We assess the precision of our spectral types (which were assigned by individual examination), review the bulk attributes of the sample, and examine the magnetic activity properties of M dwarfs, in particular those traced by the higher order Balmer transitions. Our catalog is cross-matched to Two Micron All Sky Survey infrared data, and contains photometric distances for each star. Finally, we identify eight new late-type M dwarfs that are possibly within 25pc of the Sun. Future studies will use these data to thoroughly examine magnetic activity and kinematics in late-type M dwarfs and examine the chemical and dynamical history of the local Milky Way.

Original languageEnglish
Article number97
JournalAstronomical Journal
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2011


  • Galaxy: kinematics and dynamics
  • brown dwarfs
  • stars: abundances
  • stars: activity
  • stars: late-type
  • stars: low-mass

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