The M6S8L6 clusters: an example in cluster and condensed phase chemistry

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Dirac molecular orbital calculations (DSW-Xα) on the octahedral molecular cluster models M6S8L6 (MMo, W; and L=two-electron ligand σ donor) have been carried out. The calculated cluster valence density of states, valence bandwidth and calculated formal charge on each Mo atom, and calculated outer core spin-orbit parameters of the metal and S-facial atoms are in good accord with resolved XPS and UPS data of the molecular clusters Mo6S8(PEt3)6, W6S8(PEt3)6, and of the solid AMo6S8 (APb, Sn) superconducting ternary phases.

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JournalChemical Physics Letters
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Publication statusPublished - 15 Oct 1993

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