Segmentación computacional de la aurícula derecha en imágenes de tomografía cardiaca

Translated title of the contribution: Right atrium computational segmentation in cardiac tomography images

Yoleidy Huérfano, Miguel Vera, Atilio Del Mar, María Vera, Williams Salazar, José Chacón, Sandra Wilches-Duran, Modesto Graterol-Rivas, Maritza Torres, Victor Arias, Joselyn Rojas, Carem Prieto, Wilson Siguencia, Lisse Angarita, Rina Ortiz, Diana Rojas-Gomez, Carlos Garicano, Maricarmen Chacín, Julio Contreras-Velásquez, Valmore BermúdezAntonio Bravo

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strategy for right atrium (RA) three-dimensional segmentation is proposed using 20 cardiac imaging multilayer computed tomography, for entire cardiac cycle of a subject. This strategy is global similarity enhancement-based technique and it comprises of pre-processing, segmentation and parameter tuning stages. The pre-processing stage is split into two phases called filtering and definition of a region of interest. These phases are preliminarily applied to end-diastole cardiac-phase and they address the noise, artifacts and low contrast images problems. During RA segmentation, the region growing algorithm is applied to the preprocessed images and it is initialized using a voxel detected with least squares support vector machines. During the parameters tuning, the Dice score (Ds) is used to compare the RA segmentations, obtained by the proposed strategy, and manually RA segmentation, generated by a cardiologist. The combination of filtering techniques that generated the highest Ds considering the end-diastole phase is then applied to the others 19 3-D images, yielding more than 0.82 average Ds indicating a good correlation between the segmentations generated by an expert cardiologist and those produced by the strategy developed.

Translated title of the contributionRight atrium computational segmentation in cardiac tomography images
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)79-84
Number of pages6
JournalRevista Latinoamericana de Hipertension
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2015

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