Reforma, modernización y conflicto político en la universidad de Chile, 1963-1973

Translated title of the contribution: Reform, modernization and political conflict at universidad de Chile, 1963-1973

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The present article is a historical study of the "university reform" at Universidad de Chile, which has been seen in the historical perspective of the 1963-1973 decade. We will try to correctly interpret the institutional particularities of the process from the revision of the Acts of the Honorable University Council, the testimony of its most relevant actors and the information given by better informed authors. It is very common to read and listen to references of the "university reform" as if it was a univocal and homogeneous process in every university in which it took place. However, the particularities of each experience support the singularity of the process at Universidad de Chile. We will take a look at the evolution of the reform process at Universidad de Chile starting from an institutional modernization stage, going through a corporation's structural reform that eventually ended in a growing political conflict stage that could not be overcome before the 1973 breakdown. We will try to show the institutional structure of Universidad de Chile establishing the transformations that arose as a result of the university reform process.

Translated title of the contributionReform, modernization and political conflict at universidad de Chile, 1963-1973
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JournalHistoria 396
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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