Originalidades reveladas en la ciudad futura cinematográfica

Translated title of the contribution: Cinematic oddities as revealed by the city of the future

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This article discusses science fiction films, concentrating on two different filming styles, Bis ans Ende der Welt and The sleepwalker, memories of the future, in which the future art directions seem to contain a contemporary view of unveiled hypotheses that are also capable of further exploring our present. The text describes how architecture holds a periodical sparkle to show the future that appears in cinema as the dream machine of the 20th century. Therefore, many commercial movies represent the city as a laboratory to create imaginary scenes showing the future. Ranging from magic to reality, the strange or simply impossible, the visual construction of the future city has created a large amount of images, seized by the members of the audience. Only a few of theses movies are acknowledged as cinematographically milestones, thanks to their transcendent originality.

Translated title of the contributionCinematic oddities as revealed by the city of the future
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