La transformación de la universidad y los dispositivos de cuantificación

Translated title of the contribution: University transformation and quantification devices

Carla Fardella-Cisternas, Vicente Sisto Campos, Felipe Jiménez Vargas

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In Chile, higher education policies have required universities to adopt management tools related to the monitoring and quantification of academic work. Accordingly, this paper presents the results of a documentary study of 95 official documents concerning academic work (Regulations, Scholarship and Grant Application Guidelines and Accreditation Application Forms) in order to understand the regulations pertaining to academic work. Discourse analysis was used to determine how these documents are used in the university environment to regulate and transform the academic work. The present study shows that management tools adopted characterize the academic work through actions such as: establish hierarchies among the multiple tasks of a faculty member and among faculty members using criteria that have not been discussed by the academic community; objectify work processes and reach consensus over them, disregarding current disputes and disagreements; omit the context of academic production creating an image of work as an individual process; and finally urge the establishment of individualizing and competitive work relationships.

Translated title of the contributionUniversity transformation and quantification devices
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)435-448
Number of pages14
JournalEstudos de Psicologia (Campinas)
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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