Hydrological Considerations for Sizing of a Barge Discharge Pipeline Runway

Óscar E. Coronado-Hernández, Jairo R. Coronado-Hernández, Alfonso R. Romero-Conrado, Gustavo Gatica, Alexis Olmedo

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A key element for water supply systems is the design of the water intake components. Mobile floating platforms (barges) are helpful when the hydraulic system displays substantial variations in water levels. This study presents the hydrological considerations that should be considered for the design of the barge's pipeline runway. The analysis takes into consideration the maximum and minimum water levels measured at the location. The study was carried out at the Magdalena River -Plato (Colombia) station, finding variations in water levels of between 12.3 m and 16.1 m for return periods of 25 and 100 years, respectively. This information is helpful for designers and consultants in order to design an appropriate barge pipeline runway.


  • barge
  • hydrology
  • pipeline runway
  • variation in water levels

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  • General Computer Science


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