Estrategias metodológicas para la generación de modelos conceptuales en enfermería

Translated title of the contribution: Methodological strategies for the generation of conceptual models in nursing

Miguel Valencia-Contrera, Flerida Rivera-Rojas, Jenifer Villa-Velasquez, Rodrigo Ardiles-Irarrazabal, Naldy Febre, Sandra Valenzuela-Suazo

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Introduction: among the elements that make up the disciplinary knowledge of nursing are the conceptual models, which guide the work, so it is necessary to know the methodological strategies used for their construction. Objective: to analyze in the available state of the art the methodological strategies used for the generation of conceptual models in nursing. Methods: an integrative review was carried out according to the “Integra” methodology, consulting the WoS, SCOPUS, CINAHL and Dialnet databases, which were complemented with a manual search. After applying filters, inclusion and exclusion criteria, the final sample consisted of 27 manuscripts. Results: the identified manuscripts fluctuated between 1968 and 2021, distinguishing a predominance in the inductive approach, the authors used elements that represent a specific reality for the construction of conceptual models of nursing, through empirical evidence through ethnographies, narrative studies, grounded theory and action research, practice experiences, observations, interviews, reflection, literature review and consensus of the researchers. Conclusions: three methodological approaches were identified for the generation of conceptual models in nursing, the inductive, deductive, and finally the mixed approach, the latter triangulating the first two, being able to enhance the strengths of each approach and diminishing its weaknesses.

Translated title of the contributionMethodological strategies for the generation of conceptual models in nursing
Original languageSpanish
Article number315
JournalSalud, Ciencia y Tecnologia
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2023

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