Estrategias empresariales y cadena de valor en mercados sostenibles: Una revisión teórica

Translated title of the contribution: Business strategies and value chain in sustainable markets: A theoretical review

Ramírez Molina Reynier Israel, Ríos Pérez Juan David, Lay Raby Nelson David, Ramírez Molina Ramineth Joselin

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The new era of knowledge, globality and innovation have led organizations to seek competitiveness to increase profitability and stay in the market, devising ways of doing things to adapt to dynamic changes in the environment. This research aims to describe business strategies in the value chain within sustainable markets, using hermeneutics, a constructionist perspective as a method; and as a technique of data collection and procedure analysis, interpretation, based on the postpositivist approach, to understand the knowledge and the systemic-holistic reality of the study variable, from the analytical-reflective-descriptive approach of classic and current disciplinary theories. The results show that business strategies in the value chain are described by the identification of opportunities and threats, knowledge of the elements and resources, as well as by the reinforcement of capacities, the characterization of the interest groups and the establishment of strategic alliances. It is concluded, that it is coherent to contemplate the interaction of strategies in the value chains, even when they can be worked isolated or articulated as processes, their correspondence will vary depending on the execution time, identification of the actors with the strategy, the commitment of the organization in its application and the evaluation-control parameters implemented, where resources and capacities are optimized.

Translated title of the contributionBusiness strategies and value chain in sustainable markets: A theoretical review
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)147-161
Number of pages15
JournalRevista de Ciencias Sociales
Issue numberSpecialIssue 4
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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