Epidemiological surveillance in COVID-19 pandemic: EPIVIGILA system

Translated title of the contribution: Epidemiological surveillance in COVID- 19 pandemic: EPIVIGILA system

Carla Taramasco, Carla Rimassa, Johana Acevedo Romo, Adolfo Césped Zavando, Rodrigo Fuentes Bravo

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In March 2020, the first version of EPIVIGILA was deployed in a productive environment a few days after the first local case of COVID- 19. This system is a technological integration plat-form for national epidemiological surveillance of notifiable diseases. Previously, Chile used a manual process that would probably have failed with a peak volume of more than 38 000 daily notifications; in a country with 18 million inhabitants, long and narrow geography, and centralized governance. This work highlights the importance of the national electronic surveillance system EPIVIGILA in managing the pandemic. The systems main strength is its ability to adapt to the needs of reliable, precise, timely, and real- time information. EPIVIGILA was able to include, under the circumstances, different flows, actors, data, and functionalities with high expectations of accuracy. This valuable information allowed the authorities to assess the impact of the measures to manage and control the pandemic. Its versatility positions this platform among the few globally that operates national data with a high level of granularity in a single system through a pandemic. In Chile, EPIVIGILA is the primary source of information for daily reports, epidemiological reports, and data published on government websites about COVID- 19. Thus, electronic systems prove fundamental for public health because the recording and processing of data generate clear, reliable, and timely information, helping authorities make decisions to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, prevent deaths, and improve the populations quality of life.

Translated title of the contributionEpidemiological surveillance in COVID- 19 pandemic: EPIVIGILA system
Original languageSpanish
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Publication statusPublished - 2 Jun 2022

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