El uso de series de televisión para la formación de competencias en psicoterapia

Translated title of the contribution: The use of television series in the formation of psychotherapeutic competences

Raudelio Machin Suarez, Liudmila de la Caridad Santana Romero

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Introduction: The formation of psychotherapy competences is a difficult task, which demands permanent assessment of new methods complementing the traditional ones. Objective: To assess the use of television series in the formation of competences to identify and model psychotherapeutic procedures, as an alternative over traditional methods. Methods: Case study, with n=24, carried out in the context of a diploma course in Clinical Psychodynamic Intervention. There was an experimental group (n=12) and a control group (n = 12). In the experimental group, television series related to psychotherapy were used as complementary ones, edited in fragments with entries differentiated by markers associated with key concepts. Results: The use of audiovisual technologies in the formation of therapeutic competences, as a complement to traditional teaching, did not seem to modify the theoretical abilities of the students; however, it favored the outcomes in the assessment of practical psychotherapeutic competencies. It also improved process vision and the ability to assess situations, developed capacities for timely application of therapeutic tools, diversified the behavioral repertoire in unexpected situations, and seemed to improve affective disposition to face the first cases. Conclusions: The incorporation of television series as a didactic complement in a psychotherapy program seems to improve the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. The study also suggests that the use of this type of technical information technology tools, as a complementary method, will favor the emotional preparation of professionals under training to work with their first mental health patients; however, this hypothesis should be corroborated in future research including a larger sample.

Translated title of the contributionThe use of television series in the formation of psychotherapeutic competences
Original languageSpanish
Article numbere2072
JournalRevista Cubana de Educacion Medica Superior
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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