Efectos del entrenamiento en slackline sobre la resistencia del core y el equilibrio dinámico

Translated title of the contribution: Effects of slackline training on core endurance and dynamic balance

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Slackline challenges balance by walking on a tensioned strap, where the trunk muscles help to maintain or regain balance. This study aimed to compare a cohort of individuals who regularly practiced slackline and physically inactive individuals on core endurance (CE) and dynamic balance (DB) and to determine whether CE is associated with years of slackline practice. Nine individuals (7 men) who practiced slackline regularly (SG; age= 24.5±3.6 years) and nine physically inactive individuals (7 men) (CG; age= 23.2±3.3 years) were compared. CE was assessed with the McGill battery (trunk flexor, extensor, and side-bridge test) and the plank test. DB was measured with the modified star excursion balance test in stable and unstable conditions. The SG maintained a 36.2% and 45% longer time in left lateral bridge (p=.049) and plank (p=.031), respectively, compared to the CG. The distance achieved in the stable DB test was similar between groups, but in unstable condition was 37.8% greater (p=.016) in SG in both legs and 46.6% greater in the non-dominant leg (p=.039) compared to CG. The SG showed a correlation between years of slackline practice and flexor (r=.674; p=.046), right lateral (r=.765; p=.016) and left (r=.730; p=.026) trunk endurance. In conclusion, those who practice slackline maintain a longer time in the plank and left lateral bridge test and achieve a higher reach distance in unstable DB compared to physically inactive individuals who do not practice slackline.

Translated title of the contributionEffects of slackline training on core endurance and dynamic balance
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