Differential cross section measurements for γn→π-p above the first nucleon resonance region

P. T. Mattione, D. S. Carman, I. I. Strakovsky, R. L. Workman, A. E. Kudryavtsev, A. Svarc, V. E. Tarasov, K. P. Adhikari, S. Adhikari, D. Adikaram, Z. Akbar, S. Anefalos Pereira, J. Ball, N. A. Baltzell, M. Bashkanov, M. Battaglieri, V. Batourine, I. Bedlinskiy, A. S. Biselli, S. BoiarinovW. J. Briscoe, V. D. Burkert, T. Cao, A. Celentano, G. Charles, T. Chetry, G. Ciullo, L. Clark, P. L. Cole, M. Contalbrigo, O. Cortes, V. Crede, A. D'Angelo, N. Dashyan, R. De Vita, E. De Sanctis, M. Defurne, A. Deur, C. Djalali, M. Dugger, R. Dupre, H. Egiyan, A. El Alaoui, L. El Fassi, P. Eugenio, G. Fedotov, R. Fersch, A. Filippi, J. A. Fleming, A. Fradi, Y. Ghandilyan, G. P. Gilfoyle, K. L. Giovanetti, F. X. Girod, C. Gleason, E. Golovatch, R. W. Gothe, K. A. Griffioen, M. Guidal, K. Hafidi, H. Hakobyan, C. Hanretty, N. Harrison, M. Hattawy, D. Heddle, K. Hicks, G. Hollis, M. Holtrop, S. M. Hughes, Y. Ilieva, D. G. Ireland, B. S. Ishkhanov, E. L. Isupov, D. Jenkins, H. Jiang, H. S. Jo, K. Joo, S. Joosten, D. Keller, G. Khachatryan, M. Khachatryan, M. Khandaker, A. Kim, W. Kim, A. Klein, F. J. Klein, V. Kubarovsky, S. V. Kuleshov, L. Lanza, P. Lenisa, K. Livingston, I. J.D. Macgregor, N. Markov, B. McKinnon, C. A. Meyer, Z. E. Meziani, T. Mineeva, V. Mokeev, R. A. Montgomery, A. Movsisyan, C. Munoz Camacho, G. Murdoch, P. Nadel-Turonski, L. A. Net, S. Niccolai, G. Niculescu, I. Niculescu, M. Osipenko, A. I. Ostrovidov, M. Paolone, R. Paremuzyan, K. Park, E. Pasyuk, W. Phelps, S. Pisano, O. Pogorelko, J. W. Price, S. Procureur, Y. Prok, D. Protopopescu, B. A. Raue, M. Ripani, B. G. Ritchie, A. Rizzo, G. Rosner, F. Sabatié, C. Salgado, R. A. Schumacher, Y. G. Sharabian, A. Simonyan, Iu Skorodumina, G. D. Smith, D. Sokhan, N. Sparveris, I. Stankovic, S. Stepanyan, S. Strauch, M. Taiuti, M. Ungaro, H. Voskanyan, E. Voutier, N. K. Walford, D. Watts, X. Wei, M. H. Wood, N. Zachariou, J. Zhang, Z. W. Zhao

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© 2017 American Physical Society. The quasifree γd→π-p(p) differential cross section has been measured with CLAS at photon beam energies Eγ from 0.445 to 2.510 GeV (corresponding to W from 1.311 to 2.366 GeV) for pion center-of-mass angles cosθπc.m. from -0.72 to 0.92. A correction for final state interactions has been applied to these data to extract the γn→π-p differential cross sections. These cross sections are quoted in 8428 (Eγ,cosθπc.m.) bins, a factor of nearly 3 increase in the world statistics for this channel in this kinematic range. These new data help to constrain coupled-channel analysis fits used to disentangle the spectrum of N∗ resonances and extract their properties. Selected photon decay amplitudes N∗→γn at the resonance poles are determined for the first time and are reported here.
Original languageEnglish
JournalPhysical Review C
Publication statusPublished - 18 Sept 2017
Externally publishedYes

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