Clinical assessment of treatments for prolonged bleeding in users of norplantR implants

Soledad Dĺaz, Horacio B. Croxatto, Margarita Pavez, Hedia Belhadj, Janet Stern, Irving Sivin

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The effectiveness of three drugs in controlling prolonged bleeding in the first year of NORPLANTR implants use was tested. The drugs were levonorgestrel (L-Ng, 0.03 mg twice a day for 20 days), ethinylestradiol (EE, 0.05 mg per day for 20 days) and ibuprofen (Ib, 800 mg three times a day for 5 days) and were given orally. A control group received a placebo (PL, one pill of lactose for 20 days). Treatment should start each time a woman experienced eight consecutive days of bleeding or spotting. The 183 volunteers were not aware of the drug administered. A daily record of bleeding and spotting and of treatment intake was maintained. One-hundred-forty women completed the study period; 60 never used the prescribed treatment. Women treated with the three test drugs had significantly fewer bleeding and spotting days during the treated month and also throughout the study year than women using the placebo. The mean number of bleeding plus spotting days per actually treated subject in the first year was 77, 94, 101 and 129 days for the EE, Ib, L-Ng and PL groups, respectively. The administration of EE might help in the management of prolonged bleeding during the first year of NORPLANTR implants use.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)97-109
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1990

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