Chicken anemia virus and fowl adenoviruses: Association to induce the inclusion body hepatitis/hydropericardium syndrome

H. Toro, C. Gonzalez, L. Cerda, M. Hess, E. Reyes, C. Geisse

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The effects of a simultaneous and/or a subsequent coinfection with chicken anemia virus (CAV) isolate 10343 and fowl adenovirus (FAV) isolate 341 in specific-pathogen-free light chickens were evaluated. The simultaneous coinfection was conducted by the intramuscular route, whereas the subsequent coinfection trial considered FAVs administered orally. In trial 1, 20-day-old chickens simultaneously coinfected with CAV (10343) and FAV (341) intramuscularly (IM) showed 55% mortality and characteristic signs and lesions of inclusion body hepatitis/hydropericardium (IBH/HPS). In contrast, birds singly infected with FAV IM showed 10% mortality due to IBH/HPS. Trial 2 showed that birds receiving FAV 341 orally at day 7 post-CAV intramuscular infection (group A) developed a mild form of IBH/HPS with presence of inclusion bodies (INIBs) in 60% of the group and virus-neutralizing antibodies against FAV 341. Group B (FAV orally 14 days after CAV) showed significant decreased weight gain, nonspecific microscopic lesions in the liver, spleen, bursa, and thymus, and an antibody response against FAV 341. However, no INIBs could be detected in the hepatocytes of these chickens. Group C (FAV orally 35 days after CAV) showed nonspecific histopathologic changes in the liver and no antibody response to FAV. The oral single infection with FAV isolate 341 induced neither mortality nor macroscopic lesions of IBH/HPS in the birds. The present results corroborate previous reports on pathogenicity of Chilean FAV isolates, which suggest that synergism with other viruses or prior immunosuppression is necessary to produce IBH/HPS in chickens. These results also suggest that the susceptibility of chickens to FAV oral infection resulting in IBH/HPS varies throughout the course of CAV infection.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalAvian Diseases
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2000


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