Changes in carp ribosomal rna gene expression concur with their seasonal acclimatization

C. All Vera, H. M. Quezada, Rios J. Figaeroa, M. Krauskopf

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The habitat of the carp Cyprinus carpio) undergoes scasonal variations they have to adapt to. Ternperahire -nul photoperiod are the main environmental parameters that m-ike summer and winter distinctive and requin Min pensaiory responses from oiiryihonnil fish. The adapaiion process invoiv erlnlar and molecular phenoiypical changes, including control of gene expression. SiMsonal roorganization of the nm Icnln-, i- tLo itut outstandirn; ct'lhilar feature. A feniarkable segregation öl iiu< leolar < onipoiieiiixcnr.1-. in winter acclirnatixed carp. This phenotype rc\caU .1 tcni[>orary iiiactivation of rHNA expression. W:c studied carp rK,\,\ and . .-noIIXA gene- to examine the regulation of nucloolar genes e\j>rf-sion and [)roressing of 1 he pre-rHXA dur in"; aclimati/ation. W:e cloned a < ai p rkXA u<-ue containing the ,>sS rRXA secpionre and an l:'t siioRXA gem . IVmg M'tni plant il.itiu1 in itn livhiidi/a 'ion rfsavH. we obtained evidence that the level of expression ot hoili j;ene-. changes dramatically btwren the uaim and old -MSOIIS. I ranscripl ion of >.HS rRXA is approximately e>.enfold higher in summer than in winter, 'aip l:i -noRXA expression follows the same .nijusimcnt. being nine times higher in summer- than in winter a< climati/ed rarp 'I'hesr results indicate thai t ho level of rRXA expression in eur\ t hennal fish i-. seasonally modulated and sug "est thai. in this fish, rKXA geno- might be nun c nnsiit nli vc. Thus. I he UM> of rRXA transcription, as a reference io ,issess transrripts thai are modulated ;f pari of the dcrliniati/alion procès- in em y hei mal fish, should be m.xie Witli "ution. Crants ]070fi":i[-'ON DM 'V l i. CK/CI.O-'ÜO/OÜ l U'CI'H. l'bÜ7 i'DinrAChi.

Original languageEnglish
JournalFASEB Journal
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 1997

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