Biomarkers in Oral Fluids as Diagnostic Tool for Psoriasis

Constanza Jiménez, María José Bordagaray, José Luis Villarroel, Tania Flores, Dafna Benadof, Alejandra Fernández, Fernando Valenzuela

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Psoriasis is a prevalent worldwide chronic immuno-inflammatory skin disease with various variants and atypical cases. The use of biomarkers for the diagnosis of psoriasis can favor timely treatment and thus improve the quality of life of those affected. In general, the search for biomarkers in oral fluids is recommended as it is a non-invasive and fast technique. This narrative review aimed to identify biomarkers in gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) and saliva to diagnose psoriasis. To achieve this goal, we selected the available literature using the following MESH terms: “psoriasis”, “saliva” and “gingival crevicular fluid”. The studies analyzed for this review cover original research articles available in English. We found three full articles available for psoriasis biomarkers in GCF and ten articles available for psoriasis biomarkers in saliva. Studies showed that in the saliva of healthy individuals and those with psoriasis, there were differences in the levels of inflammatory cytokines, immunoglobulin A, and antioxidant biomarkers. In GCF, individuals with psoriasis showed higher levels of S100A8, IL-18 and sE-selectin in comparison to healthy individuals, independent of periodontal status. Despite these findings, more studies are required to determine an adequate panel of biomarkers to use in saliva or GCF for psoriasis.

Original languageEnglish
Article number501
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2022


  • biomarkers
  • gingival crevicular fluid
  • psoriasis
  • saliva

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