Apoplastic class III peroxidases PRX62 and PRX69 promote Arabidopsis root hair growth at low temperature

Javier Martínez Pacheco, Philippe Ranocha, Luciana Kasulin, Corina M. Fusari, Lucas Servi, Ariel A. Aptekmann, Victoria Berdion Gabarain, Juan Manuel Peralta, Cecilia Borassi, Eliana Marzol, Diana Rosa Rodríguez-Garcia, Yossmayer del Carmen Rondón Guerrero, Mariana Carignani Sardoy, Lucía Ferrero, Javier F. Botto, Claudio Meneses, Federico Ariel, Alejandro D. Nadra, Ezequiel Petrillo, Christophe DunandJosé M. Estevez

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Root Hairs (RHs) growth is influenced by endogenous and by external environmental signals that coordinately regulate its final cell size. We have recently determined that RH growth was unexpectedly boosted when Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings are cultivated at low temperatures. It was proposed that RH growth plasticity in response to low temperature was linked to a reduced nutrient availability in the media. Here, we explore the molecular basis of this RH growth response by using a Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) approach using Arabidopsis thaliana natural accessions. We identify the poorly characterized PEROXIDASE 62 (PRX62) and a related protein PRX69 as key proteins under moderate low temperature stress. Strikingly, a cell wall protein extensin (EXT) reporter reveals the effect of peroxidase activity on EXT cell wall association at 10 °C in the RH apical zone. Collectively, our results indicate that PRX62, and to a lesser extent PRX69, are key apoplastic PRXs that modulate ROS-homeostasis and cell wall EXT-insolubilization linked to RH elongation at low temperature.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1310
JournalNature Communications
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2022

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