APOGEE-2S view of the globular cluster Patchick 125 (Gran 3): New metallicity and elemental abundances from high-resolution spectroscopy

José G. Fernández-Trincado, Dante Minniti, Elisa R. Garro, Sandro Villanova

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We present detailed elemental abundances, radial velocity, and orbital elements for Patchick 125, a recently discovered metal-poor globular cluster (GC) in the direction of the Galactic bulge. Near-infrared high-resolution (R ∼ 22 500) spectra of two members were obtained during the second phase of the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment at Las Campanas Observatory as part of the sixteenth Data Release (DR 16) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. We investigated elemental abundances for four chemical species, including α-(Mg, Si), Fe-peak (Fe), and odd-Z (Al) elements. We find a metallicity covering the range from [Fe/H] =-1.69 to-1.72, suggesting that Patchick 125 likely exhibits a mean metallicity [Fe/H] ∼-1.7, which represents a significant increase in metallicity for this cluster compared to previous low-resolution spectroscopic analyses. We also found a mean radial velocity of 95.9 km s-1, which is ∼21.6 km s-1 higher than reported in the literature. The observed stars exhibit an α-enrichment ([Mg/Fe] 0.20, and [Si/Fe] +0.30) that follows the typical trend of metal-poor GCs. The aluminum abundance ratios for the present two member stars are enhanced in [Al/Fe] +0.58, which is a typical enrichment characteristic of the so-called 'second-generation' of stars in GCs at similar metallicity. This supports the possible presence of the multiple-population phenomenon in Patchick 125, as well as its genuine GC nature. Further, Patchick 125 shows a low-energy, low-eccentric (< 0.4) and retrograde orbit captured by the inner Galaxy, near the edge of the bulge. We confirm that Patchick 125 is a genuine metal-poor GC, which is currently trapped in the vicinity of the Milky Way bulge.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberA84
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2022


  • Globular clusters: individual: Patchick 125
  • Stars: Abundances
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