Adjoint SU (5) GUT model with T7 flavor symmetry

Carolina Arbeláez, A. E. Cárcamo Hernández, Sergey Kovalenko, Iván Schmidt

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We propose an adjoint SU(5) GUT model with a T7 family symmetry and an extra Z2 - Z3 - Z4 - Z4′ - Z12 discrete group that successfully describes the prevailing Standard Model fermion mass and mixing pattern. The observed hierarchy of the charged fermion masses and the quark mixing angles arises from the Z3 - Z4 - Z12 symmetry breaking, which occurs near the GUT scale. The light active neutrino masses are generated by type-I and type-III seesaw mechanisms mediated by the fermionic SU(5) singlet and the adjoint 24-plet. The model predicts the effective Majorana neutrino mass parameter of neutrinoless double beta decay to be mββ=4 and 50 meV for the normal and the inverted neutrino spectra, respectively. We construct several benchmark scenarios, which lead to SU(5) gauge coupling unification and are compatible with the known phenomenological constraints originating from the lightness of neutrinos, proton decay, dark matter, etc. These scenarios contain TeV-scale colored fields, which could give rise to a visible signal or be stringently constrained at the LHC.

Original languageEnglish
Article number115015
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 18 Dec 2015
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