Abundances in the galactic bulge

B. Barbuy, M. Zoccali, V. Hill, A. Renzini, S. Ortolani, D. Minniti, L. Pasquini, E. Bica, A. Gomez, Y. Momany, J. Meléndez, A. Alves-Brito

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A review is presented on abundance determinations in stars of the Galactic bulge, both in the field and in globular clusters. Previous low-resolution spectroscopy results are revised. Recent high resolution and high S/N spectroscopy results based on Keck-Hires, Gemini-Phoenix and VLT-UVES data are presented. Finally, recent analyses of FLAMES data are discussed. The discussion on abundances will focus on metallicities, α- and r-process elements, as probes of the nucleosynthesis history in the bulge, and timescale of bulge formation.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationChemical Abundances and Mixing in Stars in the Milky Way and its Satellites
EditorsSofia Randich, Luca Pasquini
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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NameESO Astrophysics Symposia
ISSN (Print)1431-2433
ISSN (Electronic)1611-6143

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