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    NPR1-independent activation of immediate early salicylic acid-responsive genes in Arabidopsis

    Uquillas, C., Letelier, I., Blanco, F., Jordana, X. & Holuigue, L., Jan 2004, In : Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions. 17, 1, p. 34-42 9 p.

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    Identification of NPR1-dependent and independent genes early induced by salicylic acid treatment in arabidopsis

    Blanco, F., Garretón, V., Frey, N., Dominguez, C., Pérez-Acle, T., Van Der Straeten, D., Jordana, X. & Holuigue, L., 1 Dec 2005, In : Plant Molecular Biology. 59, 6, p. 927-944 18 p.

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    Early genomic responses to salicylic acid in Arabidopsis

    Blanco, F., Salinas, P., Cecchini, N. M., Jordana, X., Van Hummelen, P., Alvarez, M. E. & Holuigue, L., May 2009, In : Plant Molecular Biology. 70, 1-2, p. 79-102 24 p.

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    Features of basal and race-specific defences in photosynthetic Arabidopsis thaliana suspension cultured cells: Short communication

    Cecchini, N. M., Monteoliva, M. I., Blanco, F., Holuigue, L. & Álvarez, M. E., Mar 2009, In : Molecular Plant Pathology. 10, 2, p. 305-310 6 p.

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    Transcriptome analysis reveals novel genes involved in nonhost response to bacterial infection in tobacco

    Daurelio, L. D., Petrocelli, S., Blanco, F., Holuigue, L., Ottado, J. & Orellano, E. G., 1 Mar 2011, In : Journal of Plant Physiology. 168, 4, p. 382-391 10 p.

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    IRE1/bZIP60-mediated unfolded protein response plays distinct roles in plant immunity and abiotic stress responses

    Moreno, A. A., Mukhtar, M. S., Blanco, F., Boatwright, J. L., Moreno, I., Jordan, M. R., Chen, Y., Brandizzi, F., Dong, X., Orellana, A. & Pajerowska-Mukhtar, K. M., 16 Feb 2012, In : PLoS ONE. 7, 2, e31944.

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    The Golgi localized bifunctional UDP-rhamnose/UDP-galactose transporter family of Arabidopsis

    Rautengarten, C., Ebert, B., Moreno, I., Temple, H., Herter, T., Link, B., Doñas-Cofré, D., Moreno, A., Saéz-Aguayo, S., Blanco, F., Mortimer, J. C., Schultink, A., Reiter, W. D., Dupree, P., Pauly, M., Heazlewood, J. L., Scheller, H. V. & Orellana, A., 5 Aug 2014, In : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 111, 31, p. 11563-11568 6 p.

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    BZIP17 and bZIP60 Regulate the Expression of BiP3 and Other Salt Stress Responsive Genes in an UPR-Independent Manner in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Henriquez-Valencia, C., Moreno, A. A., Sandoval-Ibañez, O., Mitina, I., Blanco-Herrera, F., Cifuentes-Esquivel, N. & Orellana, A., 1 Aug 2015, In : Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. 116, 8, p. 1638-1645 8 p.

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    Identification of candidate genes associated with mealiness and maturity date in peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] using QTL analysis and deep sequencing

    Nuñez-Lillo, G., Cifuentes-Esquivel, A., Troggio, M., Micheletti, D., Infante, R., Campos-Vargas, R., Orellana, A., Blanco-Herrera, F. & Meneses, C., 3 Aug 2015, In : Tree Genetics and Genomes. 11, 4, 86.

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    Transcriptional Control of Glutaredoxin GRXC9 Expression by a Salicylic Acid-Dependent and NPR1-Independent Pathway in Arabidopsis

    Herrera-Vásquez, A., Carvallo, L., Blanco, F., Tobar, M., Villarroel-Candia, E., Vicente-Carbajosa, J., Salinas, P. & Holuigue, L., 16 Jun 2015, In : Plant Molecular Biology Reporter. 33, 3, p. 624-637 14 p.

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    Effect of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on rachis quality of 'Red Globe' table grape variety

    Silva-Sanzana, C., Balic, I., Sepúlveda, P., Olmedo, P., León, G., Defilippi, B. G., Blanco-Herrera, F. & Campos-Vargas, R., 1 Sep 2016, In : Postharvest Biology and Technology. 119, p. 33-40 8 p.

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    The root hair specific SYP123 regulates the localization of cell wall components and contributes to rizhobacterial priming of induced systemic resistance

    Rodriguez-Furlán, C., Salinas-Grenet, H., Sandoval, O., Recabarren, C., Arraño-Salinas, P., Soto-Alvear, S., Orellana, A. & Blanco-Herrera, F., 26 Jul 2016, In : Frontiers in Plant Science. 7, JULY2016, 1081.

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    bZIP17 regulates the expression of genes related to seed storage and germination, reducing seed susceptibility to osmotic stress

    Cifuentes-Esquivel, N., Celiz-Balboa, J., Henriquez-Valencia, C., Mitina, I., Arraño-Salinas, P., Moreno, A. A., Meneses, C., Blanco-Herrera, F. & Orellana, A., 1 Aug 2018, In : Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. 119, 8, p. 6857-6868 12 p.

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    Modulation of auxin levels in pollen grains affects stamen development and anther dehiscence in Arabidopsis

    Salinas-Grenet, H., Herrera-Vásquez, A., Parra, S., Cortez, A., Gutiérrez, L., Pollmann, S., León, G. & Blanco-Herrera, F., 1 Sep 2018, In : International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 19, 9, 2480.

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    WRKY7, -11 and -17 transcription factors are modulators of the bZIP28 branch of the unfolded protein response during PAMP-triggered immunity in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Arraño-Salinas, P., Domínguez-Figueroa, J., Herrera-Vásquez, A., Zavala, D., Medina, J., Vicente-Carbajosa, J., Meneses, C., Canessa, P., Moreno, A. A. & Blanco-Herrera, F., 1 Jan 2018, (Accepted/In press) In : Plant Science.

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    High-density genetic map and QTL analysis of soluble solid content, maturity date, and mealiness in peach using genotyping by sequencing

    Nuñez-Lillo, G., Balladares, C., Pavez, C., Urra, C., Sanhueza, D., Vendramin, E., Dettori, M. T., Arús, P., Verde, I., Blanco-Herrera, F., Campos-Vargas, R. & Meneses, C., 17 Nov 2019, In : Scientia Horticulturae. 257, 108734.

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    Pectin Methylesterases Modulate Plant Homogalacturonan Status in Defenses against the Aphid Myzus persicae

    Silva-Sanzana, C., Celiz-Balboa, J., Garzo, E., Marcus, S. E., Pablo Parra-Rojas, J., Rojas, B., Olmedo, P., Rubilar, M. A., Rios, I., Chorbadjian, R. A., Fereres, A., Knox, P., Saez-Aguayo, S. & Blanco-Herrera, F., 1 Aug 2019, In : Plant Cell. 31, 8, p. 1913-1929 17 p.

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